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You begin in the Broom Closet of a Pub (as dictated by the game jam rules) and from here you find your away around in standard text adventure format.

Arthur has a bit of a hangover to start with, so go easy on him.

This is my first attempt at a text adventure game.

A small adventure game made for the PunyInform Game Jam.

You will need WinFrotz or Lectrote or a similar Z-Machine interpreter.

Start the Z-Machine interpreter and load the game.

You can now download Arthur's Day Out compiled for the Mega 65!


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ArthursDayOut.z3 37 kB


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Hey there, I've been giving this game a try on the mega65, but I haven't had any luck getting out of the broom closet. Best I can do is remove the knife from the note, read the note, but I haven't had any luck opening the closet door. Any clues on how to do it? :D

PS. Aah, no worries, someone on discord came to my rescue, one verb I forgot to try was 'search'. It made all the difference! :D

haha! Glad you got there! :) There's also a solution online in the IF solutions page.