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For VZ-200/VZ-300/Salora Fellow/Texet TX8000/Laser 200/Laser 310

(This game requires memory expansion to load the 22Kb game)

By Jason "WauloK" Oakley of BlueBilby.com

30 levels of platforming fun!

You control Andre and must help him collect coins in order to complete each level.

Make sure you avoid Krabs as they are very dangerous.

Jump on Turkles. This flips them on their back and they slide across the screen destroying enemies on the way (for bonus points!).

Jump on Froads. They lie down for a few seconds and are armed! If another enemy touches them while armed, they explode giving bonus points.

The Mowse is a thief! He will scurry across the bottom of the screen. If he finds a coin he will steal it and store it in the bottom-right of the screen. Jump on him to get it back!

If you see the "UP" icon, collect it for an extra life.

The Heads Up Display (HUD) shows as follows: Current score, Coins left to collect, Current level, Lives left.

Keys to play:

N = Left

M = Right

SPACE = Jump

Or use Joystick 1 or 2.

Good luck!

You can now play all Blue Bilby VZ games right in your browser!

Visit the Blue Bilby website to play!

For more fun games on VZ or Commodore 64 or Spectrum visit https://BlueBilby.com/

(C) 2021 Jason Oakley / Blue Bilby.

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